NBTC-NIPO Research

NBTC-NIPO Research is a full-service research company in the field of holiday, recreation and business travel. As the market leader in demand-oriented research in this sector, we know what is happening.

Our knowledge and research possibilities will support you with the challenges you face.


Our ‘holiday survey’ and ‘business travel survey’ market monitors allow us to identify trends and developments and present clear insights into the market. NBTC-NIPO Research publishes several reports based on these monitors. A few examples can be found below.

This report provides an insight into the business travel behaviour of the Dutch, both domestic and outbound. It also describes the MICE traveller.

This report describes a range of Dutch holiday market characteristics, e.g. destinations, holiday types and target markets. The summer holiday plans of the Dutch are also included in this report.

This report allows for further analysis, for which we have the following subreports, including country reports, generations and holidays, and winter sport holidays.

Country reports:

A country report throws light on the holiday behaviour, the profile and media consumption of Dutch tourists visiting a destination. The results are compared with competing destinations.

Generations & Holidays:

This report provides insight into the travel customer journey of the different Dutch generations. The report goes deeper into travel behaviour of Digital Natives, Millennials, Generation X, and Babyboomers. The different generations are compared to each other. It contains both domestic and outbound holidays.

Winter sport holidays:

The complete process of winter sports holidays is detailed: from inspiration and information to booking, the holiday itself and the evaluation.


For those interested in holiday behaviour of their own specific target group, it is also possible to use the HolidayTracker: the online database with data about the Dutch population from the CVO since 2002!


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